Alternative Energy Consultancy & Research

EcoSolar International provides high-quality professional energy consultancy services to our customers. Our customer base is diverse and includes commercial & industrial facilities, A&E firms, project developers, energy service companies, OEMs, and general/electrical/mechanical contractors.

With more than 20 years of professional experience, we take pride in offering our clients comprehensive energy consulting services, at a fair price. We are dedicated to serving the specific needs of our customers when providing renewable energy consulting services.

Our professional energy consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform on-site client assessment to determine current energy operations (energy consumption & energy cost).
  • Fuel Cell & Microturbine based CHP, CCHP project evaluation & development – prime & back-up power applications.
  • Evaluate energy sources used at client’s facility and evaluate whether alternative energy sources would be appropriate for the client and a better financial option.
  • Site surveys to confirm installation feasibility and electrical/mechanical interconnections.
  • Technical training/seminars for end-user customers and/or engineering firms on renewable energy solutions.
  • Prepare RFPs, SOWs, Screen & Manage on-site power OEMs.
  • Independent & unbiased evaluation of OEM turnkey proposals/value propositions to confirm completeness and accuracy, while determining the optimal solution for the client.
  • Coordinate and support design activities for contracted A&E firms.
  • Project Management services for General/Electrical/Mechanical Contractors during installation.
  • Technical review of the commissioning phase to make sure system is installed correctly and fully operational.
  • Coordinating equipment training programs with OEMs & end-users.